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It’s easy to feel that the term “employee wellness” is an over-used term. For some companies, this means offering a gym membership and others, it simply means an all expense paid trip because their labs came back within normal ranges. Regardless of what wellness is to your company, it is often a key component to inspiring performance in the workplace. That begs the question I often get when trying to bring wellness to companies, “how do you build a wellness culture that inspires and engages?”

Employees need to feel supported, valued and inspired to give maximum effort and be most effective. This, of course, is the short answer to the question. Over the years, I have learned so much from the many companies I have been blessed to work with.

  • Company A provides tickets to local athletic games.
  • Company B provides an on-site physical therapist every week for employees to go to and receive massages or exercise to improve their aches and pains.
  • Company C contributes a substantial amount of money to employee’s HSA account by completing various wellness activities.

This is just a small sample of the perks I have seen. Other companies offer game rooms, gym memberships and access to a dietician. But, not all companies are the same. Different companies have different resources and each company has its own unique needs and you may not be able to offer the same perks I have just mentioned. The good news is that, it’s okay. Today, companies of all sizes and all industries have the unique capability to create workplaces that support employee wellness and drive superior performance, while still using minimal resources. Regardless of where you are, I recommend prioritizing the following areas.

Time. Employee wellness starts with time. From the senior management to your support staff, you need to make sure your company is giving employees time. Spending time with your employees shows that you care for their well-being. There is a number of ways you can leverage time to drive performance. The first comes in the form of quality time. This could be grabbing lunch with employees in the break room once a month or implementing a health coaching program that allows your employees time to receive resources to lead and live better quality of lives.

Transparency. While you are familiar with the importance of transparency between your company and customers, don’t ignore the role of internal transparency. You should be transparent with company policies, compensation, incentive plans, your wellness program and anything else that directly impacts employees.

Recognition. The sooner you recognize that compensation goes beyond monetary offerings, the quicker you will see that appreciation is the sincerest form of flattery. Want advice to how you can recognize employees that doesn’t mean a bonus or pay raise? Perform a survey to learn what your employees like to eat, drink, and do in their free time. Then collect gift cards for coffee, meals, movies, golf and other favorite things. Find opportunities to recognize your employees and show how you appreciate them by giving them a gift card and note to why you are recognizing them.

Give Back. The final area to consider in employee wellness is giving back. Align your company with philanthropic causes that will impact your employees. Companies that give back tend to inspire more positive workplace culture that is generous. Incorporate community service into your wellness program by recognizing employees who give their time during off time.

There is no better time, than now to shift your focus. Make wellness a priority. While it’s easy to become frustrated by the perception that you need deep pockets and trendy perks to get the most out of your employees, know that it really comes down to these areas: time, transparency, recognition and giving back! Contact Well365 for ways you can improve your existing wellness program or how you can start a wellness program.

There are many of us trying to perfect our lives by pin-pointing a work-life balance. How many of us are still searching for the secret? We are overworked and unfulfilled by our careers and the demands of everyday life. Yet, each day, the pressures we put on ourselves and others are taking a major toll on our overall well-being.

Companies are asking, “Why wellness? Why in the workplace?”

Why are leaders continuing to cut the wellness budget? (Especially when there is barely a budget to begin with!) They are expecting more and more, yet providing less opportunities for their employees to find balance. Overworked, unhappy individuals are struggling to find stability in their lives. “Everyone else is working 60 hours every week, it’s what is expected of me.” “I am working hard now, so that I can relax later.” You see the pattern? This works for some, but not for others, and guess what? It eventually catches up!

So, how can you create a work-life balance?

Believe in Balance! If you live your life according to what others think is possible, you’ll never accomplish anything. Believing that your life can be more than it is…is the first step to changing it! Think about what you want. Now go for it!

Have Fun! Stop taking everything so seriously! Work is not your identity. Keep a sense of humor and remember what is truly important in life.

Flexibility! If your job requires long shifts, multiple days, extensive travel, etc.…how are you ever going to find balance? If you are in the position to change the culture for your employees, do it! If you are not, remember that you ARE in charge of your life! Find a workplace that has the culture of balance you desire.

Priorities! A job should not take precedence over your real priorities. No job is worth not being present for your family! If it’s making you physically ill, causing constant stress, or in any way impacting your physical/mental/emotional well-being, it may be time for a change.

Conclusion: Your relationships with family and friends are more important than any amount of money, power, or job title. If we continue to ignore certain aspects of our lives, it’s only going to get worse. Invest your time wisely, and remember that life is too short to not enjoy it all!

Well365 creates wellness solutions that empower several aspects of your well-being to allow the work-life balance you deserve! Contact us today to learn more! info@corewell365.com

It’s a new year, a new you and it is time to breathe new life into your workplace! Whether snow, rain or shine it is time to simply put some FUN into your company! Making things FUN is the best way to engage you and your employees throughout the year! I put together a list of ways you can put a little pep back into your workplace:

Red rover, red rover, send Sally right over. Yes, bring back your recess FUN! Ask any kid what the best part of their day is and they will most likely say recess or lunch! Schedule a mandator mid-morning or afternoon break to go for a walk, chat with a friend, lead a stretching class, or even meditate in a quiet place! Whatever it is, you will feel recharged for the rest of your day and your employees will appreciate the opportunity!

Jumbo Dogs and Cotton Candy? Don’t be silly, although this sounds like some amazing fair food, we aren’t talking that kind of fair! I suggest hosting a health fair at your office! Give your employees the opportunity to attend a fair! Look into your local schools and see if there are students available to offer chair massages. Contact your local grocery store and see if they have someone who can host a nutrition talk or provide a healthy food demo! Want to focus on your financial well-being? Contact your company’s financial partner and see if they can offer the opportunity for your employees to find out their credit score!

Grow Something: If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space, planting a garden remains one of the most popular employee wellness activities around. Stuck inside? No worries, there are still many benefits to filling the office with indoor plants or herbs!

Not ready for a full-blown challenge? No worries, try a weekly challenge to employees to drink 8 glasses of water a day for one week. Give every employee a water bottle and encourage them to consume their water! Offer tips throughout the week on how they can get their daily goal in. Add lemon to your water, do you like it with ice or without? Straw or no straw?

Learn at Lunch: Well365 offers a variety of of topics. Treat your employees to a healthy snack or lunch and allow them to learn more about topics such as: “Good Fats vs Bad Fats,” “Quick Healthy Meals,” “Get your ZZZ’s,” and more! Get Moving at Meetings: Try starting or ending meetings with a quick round of group exercise, such as simple yoga poses, light stretching, or jumping jacks.

Toss the Junk: One of the easiest, most effective workplace wellness tips out there is to simply get rid of the junk food in your office. Get rid of the sodas, chips, and candy bars, and leave out baskets of teas, nuts, and fresh fruit instead. Worried about being the office Debbie downer….just remember….you are not telling your employees they CAN’T have the junk food, rather, you are providing them an opportunity to have a FREE, healthy snack!

So what do you think? Are you going to bring back recess? Plant some cucumbers? I hope this list has inspired some new wellness ideas and don’t forget……For help implementing a workplace wellness program, contact Well365 TODAY! We’d love to work with you to customize a program for your office’s unique wellness goals!