Work Life Balance

There are many of us trying to perfect our lives by pin-pointing a work-life balance. How many of us are still searching for the secret? We are overworked and unfulfilled by our careers and the demands of everyday life. Yet, each day, the pressures we put on ourselves and others are taking a major toll on our overall well-being.

Companies are asking, “Why wellness? Why in the workplace?”

Why are leaders continuing to cut the wellness budget? (Especially when there is barely a budget to begin with!) They are expecting more and more, yet providing less opportunities for their employees to find balance. Overworked, unhappy individuals are struggling to find stability in their lives. “Everyone else is working 60 hours every week, it’s what is expected of me.” “I am working hard now, so that I can relax later.” You see the pattern? This works for some, but not for others, and guess what? It eventually catches up!

So, how can you create a work-life balance?

Believe in Balance! If you live your life according to what others think is possible, you’ll never accomplish anything. Believing that your life can be more than it is…is the first step to changing it! Think about what you want. Now go for it!

Have Fun! Stop taking everything so seriously! Work is not your identity. Keep a sense of humor and remember what is truly important in life.

Flexibility! If your job requires long shifts, multiple days, extensive travel, etc.…how are you ever going to find balance? If you are in the position to change the culture for your employees, do it! If you are not, remember that you ARE in charge of your life! Find a workplace that has the culture of balance you desire.

Priorities! A job should not take precedence over your real priorities. No job is worth not being present for your family! If it’s making you physically ill, causing constant stress, or in any way impacting your physical/mental/emotional well-being, it may be time for a change.

Conclusion: Your relationships with family and friends are more important than any amount of money, power, or job title. If we continue to ignore certain aspects of our lives, it’s only going to get worse. Invest your time wisely, and remember that life is too short to not enjoy it all!

Well365 creates wellness solutions that empower several aspects of your well-being to allow the work-life balance you deserve! Contact us today to learn more!