Mental Health Resources & Services

Well365 is excited to share our ongoing commitment to meaningful wellbeing resources for the workplace. Our team is passionate about helping others be the best they can be. We understand that to “Be Well,” we need to be proactive and talk about the stigma on mental health. That is why Well365 continues to invest in solutions that truly make an impact and provide results.

1-on-1 Counseling

Counseling is flexible with virtual, telephonic, company on-site and in-office/in-person options. This confidential approach will allow individuals who are struggling in various areas to work through those struggles and identify how they can overcome them. Based on needs, our mental health counselor is able to work on referrals to additional programs.


Are you looking for an EAP or a compliment to your existing EAP, Well365 provides flexibility in offering 3, 5 or a set number of visits for your employees.  The EAP is designed to provide 1-on-1 counseling to counsel and assist in problem solving, or identify new ways to cope with common, but a number of life problems, stress reduction counseling, crisis and conflict resolution and substance abuse.


Workshops consist of 3 sessions that build upon each topic area. We can schedule based on your timing needs. Topics include, but are not limited to:

Communication: The “He Said, She Said & They Said”

Relationships: The Good, The Bad & The Needed

1st Response/1st Aid to Mental Health in the Workplace 


Presentation length is 30-45 minutes with flexibility on time to meet your needs. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Mental Health: Let’s Talk About It
  • Problem Solving That Will Help YOU SOAR
  • Making Decisions to Meet Your Goals
  • LONELINESS: Feeling Lonely in a Crowded Room
  • Empowering YOU In Your Relationships
  • Communication That Builds YOU
  • Being the Best You: Overcoming Stress & Anxiety
  • Substance Abuse Training in the Workplace
  • Remembering Your Why
  • 12 Days to Overcoming Stress of the New Year

Small Group

A small group allows individuals to meet and work on their goals and build their mental health while feeling like they belong to a group. The group helps validate feelings, relate to one another, and helps them to collaborate as a team! You will find connections and relationships will be built. They will support one another and feel like they are included on something that cares about their wellbeing. People feel connected when they feel someone has walked in their shoes and relate to them.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management
  • Parenting
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Mindfulness
  • Isolation & Loneliness
  • Finding Yourself/Your Role
  • Grief

“Prior to utilizing Well365 for mental health coaching services, Gage was utilizing a traditional EAP program. My biggest motivation for moving to Well365’s services is that we would only be paying for the services our team members need and use, as opposed to a pay-by-headcount type of structure. I have always been a big proponent of making wellness services easy to access and convenient for our team members, which is what Well365 offers. Our team can access mental health services whatever way they feel comfortable, by phone, onsite at work, or privately at an offsite office. I truly feel this service has helped us retain some team members during times they were going through difficult personal struggles, when they otherwise may have left their job. Gage Brothers would recommend Well365’s mental health coaching services to other employers.”

“Finding people that actually cares and are trustworthy is hard to come by and it so happened that you are one of those good people and I am looking forward to seeing you again.” 


1st Response/1st Aid to Mental Health In The Workplace

Join Well365 in becoming a first responder in your workplace to best handle mental health and substance use. Learn to recognize, identify, understand and respond to situations or those that may be struggling. This workshop is available virtually and onsite. There will be a total of 3 sessions. Workshops will engage the participants in education, role play, scenarios and activities that apply to real-life workplace situations. Participants will gain confidence to handle crisis and non-crisis situations in your workplace!

What It Covers

  • Addressing the stigma of mental health in the workplace
  • Identifying signs & symptoms of mental health and substance abuse
  • Navigating conversations regarding mental health
  • Develop skills to listen non-judgmentally and communicate effectively
  • Assess risk and suicide prevention
  • Genuinely give reassurance and information to those in need
  • Encourage appropriate professional assistance
  • Encourage and engage in self-help

Who Should Take It

  • Human resources teams
  • Senior leaders and front line managers and supervisors
  • Wellness committee team members
  • Any employee who is dedicated to the wellbeing of individuals and is passionate about addressing the stigma of mental health