Self-Development and Self-Care: Taking Steps to Take Care of Employees

The word “pandemic” has a new meaning to many employers and employees after the past year. Businesses and individuals are looking for ways to bounce back after a year of being challenged emotionally, physically and financially. Although employers cannot necessarily give their employees motivation, they can provide them with some useful resources and tips to help inspire them to get started working on themselves!

We all have heard of terms self-development and self-care, and maybe would consider them the same. However, it is importance to recognize the difference.

  • Self-Care: Active engagement in things that reduce stress and improve mental health. This could consist of taking a hot bath, reading a book, going outside, meditation or just talking with a friend. It can be different for everyone, but the act of self-care leads to reduced stress and releasing hormones that can make you feel better.
  • Self-Development: Working towards becoming a better version of oneself through their own efforts. This could be taking an online class, goal setting, working out/being healthier or reading a book about an area of improvement. Personal development may vary from person to person as well, but results in improved skills, knowledge, or ability.

Although different, both ideas are important. When someone feels in control of their stress and feels valuable, it makes them more effective in many areas of their life. It can improve their work, their relationships, and their personal life. Also, by taking these two actions, anyone can learn how to overcome difficult circumstances.

As we overcome the past year of being in a pandemic, employers and employees can use these to concepts to help them be stronger. As an employer, offer your employees opportunity to take their breaks and step away from their work. Also, if able, offer different opportunities or suggestions for employees’ self-development or advancement. As an employee, make sure your needs are being met outside of work as well (self-care and self-development) so you are able to do your best while you are on the clock and not have to take it home with you.

As many people continue to navigate their workload or continue to work remotely, it is easy to feel disconnected! However, employers and employees can stay connected, while offering them opportunity for self-development and self-care, through a wellness program.

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