Easy Ways to Implement Wellness Initiatives in the Workplace

It seems straightforward to create a wellness program, but building the initiatives may not be your hardest obstacle… getting your employees to buy-in is! Creating something that works for each individual employee is what it is all about!  Now that offices are re-opening and welcoming employees back, many companies are prioritizing health and wellness. So where should you start?

Companies with successful wellness programs all have one thing in common: focusing on overall workplace culture rather than individual programs. Prioritizing health looks different for everyone, so programs that are flexible may work best to engage each individual employee. Over the last few years, we all have learned how important flexibility can be and that balance is possible!

Here are some tips that most successful and flexible wellness programs do to succeed and bet that employee buy-in:

Have a Comfortable Atmosphere

We all like environments that we feel comfortable in. Who wants to stare at a white wall for 8 hours a day? Add some interest to your environment by incorporating plants, painting walls a soothing color, or allowing employees to bring their own works of art (either from themselves or their children!).

Invest in Healthy Snacks

Being hungry with limited time can lead employees to choosing the easiest option – which isn’t always the healthiest option. Provide easy, healthy options like bowls of fruit, a snack station with string cheese and veggies, or a breakfast bar with oatmeal or yogurt parfaits.

Make the Workspace Feel Healthy

Your space should reflect the healthy lifestyle that you want your employees to aspire to have. When the healthy choice is the easy choice, their actions will follow. Provide reusable water bottles, have filtered drinking water available, or offer standing desks.

People Like Free Stuff

Who says a bonus needs to come in the form of a paycheck? Many companies think about offering swag to new employees but think about those who have been around for a while too! These small gestures do amazing things to increase workplace culture. You can even give gifts like wearable devices or exercise bands to incorporate the healthy work environment you are striving for.

We Are All Kids at Heart – Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Allowing a little bit of playtime can help employees get their minds off work and blow off some steam. Employees can be even more productive after a quick mental break! Consider hanging a basketball hoop, setting up a few card games, bean bag boards in the summer or having a TV in break areas.

Overall, your wellness initiatives do contribute to making your employees feel like you care about they want to know that they are more than a number or there to collect a paycheck. A lively and inviting culture makes people want to show up and stick around long-term. They will also give you their best work know that they are cared for and thought of on a regular basis. The workplace is where people spend most of their time each week, so it is worth investing time and thought into this atmosphere. For more ideas on your wellness initiatives, contact our team at info@corewell365.com!