Well365 Thrive

Well365 Thrive is a monthly wellness subscription service. This service has the framework to give you as an employer the opportunity to incorporate wellbeing into your workplace without having to come up with the ideas and resources! Plus, we understand that employee wellbeing is essential for an organization to survive and thrive and that is why this is offered at an affordable price!

Employees are the biggest asset for any company and according to studies, employees are more likely to continue a job and give their best performance when they are in good health.

Whether wellness is new to your company or you are just looking to revamp your current offerings, Well365 Thrive provides you a toolkit each month allowing you to implement initiatives that support all dimensions of wellbeing!

From onsite to remote to a hybrid model of employees, the monthly toolkit is a great fit to allow you to bring wellbeing to your employees no matter where they are located! Your toolkit includes your marketing materials to promote your initiatives, challenges, education, and access to a library of resources for you to offer your employees! All of this for $97.00 per month!