Motivational Post: Got any fires burning?
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Procrastinator? Nope! I just wait until the last second to do my work because I will be older, therefore wiser. - Author Unknown

CONSIDER THIS:  Life Alert! Do you have anywhere in your life where you are procrastinating?  Look at all the life situations facing you. Many are small to moderate, annoying but not life altering.  We manage to address those quite quickly because they are easy and on the front burner.  It’s the slowly building ones that lurk in the back of the mind that are a smoldering fire.  Any health concerns that you are ignoring?  Planned for retirement yet, or is that somewhere on the ‘to-do’ list?  In order to move them into the ‘Action Arena’, follow these steps to make your future life more manageable:


  • Consider the ‘fires’ in your life that are causing you unease.
  • LAND THEM—recognize their importance.  Accept the severity and importance of them.  Be big enough to really let it sink in.  Imagine your life 10 years from now if you do nothing about it.
  • Write down a plan to address a ‘fire’ you identified as important.  Set a time and establish an action plan. 
  • Talk with a friend.  Take the first step that meets with the least resistance.  Break down your path into little pieces—and keep going.

Imagine that you acted and were at the end of your life looking back.  From that perspective, what will you be glad that you did?  Grab that fire extinguisher!! 


Motivational Posts are a series of posts written by Dr. JoEllen Koerner emphasizing tips and tricks for accomplishing various things that sometimes feel.. unaccomplishable! These tips are published weekly for FitThumb clients.